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You will never again have to worry about calculating statutory sick pay or maternity pay, or ensuring your staff have been paid on time while you are running your day to day tasks

Payroll affects both owners and employees and, to an employee, is the most important - will are here to remove the burden from you

Payroll - What we do?



Our Payroll team bring with them over 30 years industry experience to ensure we can provide your business with a professional and secure service, leaving you free in the knowledge that your payroll service is managed from start to finish.

Payroll is complicated and has to be done on time and you, as the employer are responsible for the mistakes.


We can look after your payroll needs either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or anually.


Our Services include:


•Employee payslips provided to staff

•From just £4.00 per employee per payroll

•Pension Integration (see our pensions section for information)

•Weekly, monthly and annual payment plans available to suit you and your company

•Real Time Information (RTI) PAYE returns for the revenue

•Processing starters/leavers/year end forms, P45, P46, P60, P35, P11D and all other payroll calculations

•Employees holiday pay, sick pay, SSP, SMP, student loan deductions

*CIS Returns

•Unlimited help and advice throughout the year


Initial set up fees apply

P45, P46, P60 P35, P11D 's are all charged seperately


We will also be accepting outsourced Payroll

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