If your company runs a PAYE scheme, you must abide by the Auto Enrolment oligations.


Acting and planning ahead in this area if crutial to ensure you are ready before your Staging Date which will be provided to you by The Pensions Regulator

Pensions Regulators and looking to recover all penalties issued so you must be ready for your staging date


Here at DS Business Support, our pensions services run along side or payroll services. 


There are many rules regarding auto enrolment:

- You must enrol certain staff into a pension scheme, even if yo only have one employee

- All staff must be notified in writing

- It effects all employers with staff in the UK


All pensions contributions are are paid for, by the employer via direct debit.

This figure is calculated and uploaded to the pensioning body at the same time that

we run your payroll, whether that be weekly, fornightly, monthly, quarterly or annually.



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